Lisbon Port Tasting

Sharing our passion for Port

Our Lisbon Port Tastings are a great way of sharing our Port wine collection.

The team of Lisbon Winery has a passion for Port. And we like to share it.

Our Port experts will take you in an amazing journey through the secrets of Port.

Our mission is to present you to 5 different Ports, tell you a bit more about its old history, what makes it different, how to choose the right ones.

No boring and snobby tastings. Just a fun experience.


Join us in a premium Port Wine Tasting where you will discover more about the different types of Ports and their amazing aromas and flavors. All paired with top small production cheeses, sausages and ham. And a commentary by a Port wine specialist.

    • 5 top Port wines by the glass — a different selection everyday
    • 6 types of artisanal cheeses
    • 6 types black pork sausages
    • long cure Pata Negra ham
    • traditional jams

Tasting duration: 1h30 to 2 hours
Price: 65€ per person (all food and wine included)


This Lisbon Port Tasting is ideal for:

Wine lovers trying to learn more about Port;
Port lovers wanting to taste old boutique Port wines;
Curious travelers looking for a different and cultural experience;
People celebrating special occasions.