6 things to do in Lisbon with rain

6 things to do in Lisbon with rain

Lisbon has more than 300 days of sunshine each year. It doesn’t rain a lot, but do not despair if it does. You can have an amazing time even if the sky is pouring. Here are 6 things to do in Lisbon with rain:

  1. Try the Portuguese Wine Tasting at the Lisbon Winery

    The Lisbon Winery is known for organizing some of the best Portuguese wine tastings in the city. Extraordinary flavors and aromas, on a setting where tradition, know-how and a modern vision come together to create an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the famous Premium Wine Tasting or set a budget and talk about what you like, letting the wine experts work their magic. What better way than a glass of Port Wine to forget the bad weather?

  2.  Visit the Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora

    In the heart of the old city lies a hidden treasure: the biggest collection of baroque tiles in the world. You can spend an afternoon admiring the panels in the Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora, created with more than 100.000 small pieces. Don´t miss the ones depicting La Fontaine tales! And for history lovers, in the Pantheon of the Portuguese old royal family it is possible to see the tomb of Catarina de Bragança, the ill-fated wife of king Charles II of England.


  3. Discover the Mercado da Ribeira

    Imagine a food court where you can discover the Portuguese flavors – from the most humble tavern to the Michelin star chefs – paired with great wine and topped with decadent deserts. Mercado da Ribeira is all of this and much more. Open originally in 1892 as the city main food market, it has become, since 2014, one of the major destinations for foodies. And you can still make the weekly shopping of fish, meat and vegetables!

  4. Dive in the Oceanário

    Considered one of the best aquariums in the world, the Oceanário opened during the World Exhibition of 1998. The immense central tank – where you can see sharks, manta rays and thousands of other species – is surrounded by other four ecosystems: North Atlantic, Antarctic Ocean, Tempered Pacific and Tropical Indic. And after a visit, you can say that you have seen penguins and otters swimming in front of you!

  5. Shop the old fashion way

    In the ever-trendy Chiado neighbourhood and also in the Intendente area, A Vida Portuguesa is a time capsule to the Portuguese vintage way of shopping. From porcelain and terracotta pieces to delicate filigree pieces, from vintage-packed soaps and cosmetics to canned fish, you can find almost everything in these shelves. From artisans small companies directly to the heart of design and tradition lovers.


  6. The best tea ritual

    The official name of the place is Casa de Chá de Santa Isabel, but it is more known by the name As Vicentinas. It is, arguably, the best place to have tea in the whole of Lisbon. Besides the warmness inside each cup, you can indulge in delicate sandwiches and tasty cake: cream, caramel, coffee and chocolate, amongst many others. And many people don’t eat scones anywhere else in the city.