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Lisbon Winery

The Lisbon Winery was born in 2015 by the hand of two former journalists and passionate wine & food lovers.

We had been doing Portuguese Wine Tastings, Port Tastings and Tapas Tastings since 2012 mostly for fun. We wanted to spread the word about the amazing Portuguese gems, the small producers that we loved and our findings during our epic food & wine trips. The tastings became so famous that people started asking for more.

In 2015, we had the hope and the craziness to start the daily tastings. And it was a quick success. People loved our passion for the wines. And passion, as we all know, is contagious. We really love what we do. So, instead of a tasting with a lot of technical words, we offer unique Portuguese wine tastings with the right blend of information, fun, curiosities, stories. Yes, we have fun with the wine.

The Lisbon Winery has gathered a dream team of wine specialists. People like us, not afraid of showing genuine enthusiasm for what we do. Our mission is to make you fall in love with the Portuguese flavors. We do it with a smile, sense of humour, knowledge and a unique selection of boutique Portuguese wines.

We have a dream team of wine specialists that really love what they do. Passion, as we know, is contagious. That made our wine tastings famous.

Most of the wines that we serve have less than 6000 bottles in the market, a lot of them even less than 3000. We prefer small, to mass production, we prefer unique, to commercial. That makes our tastings special.

We are also part-time detectives. Always looking for new wines, always tasting new things, discovering small producers, new wine adventures, crazy experiments.

In a country like Portugal, with more than 250 native grape varietals, the playground is exciting. This journey of discovery is a big part of our passion and fun. And whenever we get excited with a new discovery, we can not keep the secret. We share it with you at the Lisbon Winery. That is why every single one of our wine tastings is different and unique. That is why the wine tastings and Port tasting have become so famous.

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