About Lisbon Winery


Lisbon Winery


What we are


A wine bar to taste boutique Portuguese wines and artisanal Portuguese products.

A place to share the passion for wine.

A space where music is not too loud, where people can talk and relax.


What we are not


A restaurant. We are not a traditional fork and knife restaurant. We don’t have a menu with 20 dishes. We don’t want to. Why? Because we love to have our wine with great local cheeses and sausages, just like in the old Portuguese tradition.

A place to rush and to not really have time to appreciate the wine

It started with our passion for the Portuguese wines. We wanted more than a wine bar. We imagined an unique setting to promote and enjoy the amazing Portuguese flavors.

We found this spot in Bairro Alto. An intimate space, with a 16th century cistern that is a municipal monument.

Bairro Alto is the liveliest neighborhood in Lisbon. Loud music, strong lights. But we wanted something else. A place to have a nice glass of Portuguese wine paired with petiscos/tapas, a spot where you don’t have to yell to hear your friends. This is the Lisbon Winery.

We have developed partnerships with the small producers to get you the Portuguese hidden gems. Our menu includes Portuguese artisanal cheeses, gourmet black pork sausages, Pata Negra ham, home made jams and much more. Here, everything is Portuguese.

Our passion is wine and food. We love to share it.