Hot weather Lisbon: things to do

Hot weather Lisbon: things to do

Portugal’s capital is known for its high temperatures during Spring and Summer months. And in July and August, it can often reach between 35ºC and 40ºC (95ºF and 104ºC). So, what can you do to still enjoy your stay during hot weather Lisbon? Let us guide you.

Have some wine

White wines are great during the hot weather.

Is it to hot to even think about being outside? So, go inside and enjoy some of Portugal’s wines. Of course you can do it by yourself, but what about a tasting where you have some of the best choices and vintages? Better still, the wines are selected by experts that not only serve and explain but also share their passion. Interested? Reach out to Lisbon Winery and we can make it happen.

Have some food

Cured to be delicious.

Hidden places where you can find amazing finger food and snack options. The freshest fish and seafood, sometimes cooked in front of you. The most succulent meats and charcuteties, sliced to perfection. Sweets and cakes to die for. The city has it all! Lisbon hot weather gives you a chance to stop your wonderings, find a table, enjoy the AC and be amazed. If you prefer to hit the best spots in a short amount of time, and still have the best flavors, check out Your Friend in Lisbon and let them organize a private food tour. At your rhythm and curated to your preferences.

Go for a walk

Shade in Rua Augusta is a great ally.

But avoid the hotter hours, from 11am to 5pm! During that time, do like the locals: stay inside as much as possible and, if you feel like it, have a rest. Nevertheless, if you must be ouside, don’t forget to drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen and walk in the shade. But early morning and early evening are still the best options for hot weather Lisbon. Afraid that you don’t have time to see everything? Again, the guys at Your Friend in Lisbon have a solution, with their private walking tours.

Go see the fish

The Oceanário has one of the biggest tanks in the world

The Oceanário de Lisboa is one of the biggest and best aquariums on the planet. The main tank, where lots of species swim, has 5 million liters (1,3 million gallons) of seawater. Besides that, four other habitats feature terrestial and marine ecossistems of the cold, tropical and temperate waters of the Earth’s oceans.

There are plenty of other indoor atractions in Lisbon, mainly the museums. The choices vary from guilded coaches to historic vessels. From Ancient to Contemporary Art. From barroque and XIX century jewelry to prehistoric masterpieces. And there is even a place where you can follow the History of Money! Do you want to se it all and live the city outside the box? You just have to ask for a unique experience.

Enjoy the sunset

The 25th of April bridge frames the sunset

Lisbon is blessed with one of the biggest and most beautiful estuaries in the World. Some people say the Tagus is the “father of the city” and doing a river cruise is a great way to see it. The Sunset Sailing Cruises are very popular, specially during the hotter months. Just imagine: the temperature is cooler, the soft breeze brings freshness from the Atlantic, the Sun is setting on the horizon and your are abord a sail boat, enjoying some delicacies and sipping some wine. Sounds like a dream? We have lived that dream many times, and so can you.