Our treasures: Madeira wine 1929

Our treasures: Madeira wine 1929

At the Lisbon Winery, we collect wine treasures and the Madeira wine D’Oliveiras Tinta Negra 1929 is special.

Tasting this Madeira wine is drinking history. The world was in turmoil when they did the harvest. It is the year of the big crash, but also the year of the very first Academy Awards, the famous Oscars that would become the most important cinema prizes.

That same year, 7-Up was invented and London received the first phone booths. Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy and Anne Frank were born. So, definitely a very special year.

D’Oliveiras Tinta Negra 1929 is a wine difficult to find. Made with the rare grape Tinta Negra, it presents a pale amber color and it is a feast on the nose. On the palate, dried apricot, caramel, figs, marmalade, dry fruits, cinnamon and toffee and a citrusy, long-lasting finish. Heaven on a glass.

Want to try it? Taste it with us, at the Lisbon Winery.

D'Oliveiras Tinta Negra 1929