Portugal is the second best country for wine lovers

Portugal is the second best country for wine lovers

Portugal has just been considered the second best country in the world for wine lovers by website Bounce. The research wanted to find the best wine destinations for the next holidays and Portugal only loses to Italy.

The research considered several factors including the number of vineyards and wine tours available, the average cost of a wine bottle, wine consumption and production, among others. All things considered, Portugal had a score of 7.8 in 10. The podium, lead by Italy (8.28), also includes Spain (7.16).

Source: https://usebounce.com/blog/the-wine-lovers-index

On the wine tours chapter, Portugal lead the way. We have the highest number of wine tours to offer. And two wine regions that are also UNESCO World Heritage sites: Douro and the Landscape of Pico Island Vineyard Culture.

The website also mentions the prestige and importance of the Port wine, one of the most famous wines in the world, coming precisely from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Douro, as a factor that was considered. And, of course, the fact that Portugal is the biggest consumer of wine in the world: 0.47 litres per person, according to this research.

The deep Portuguese connection with the wine culture goes back to the Roman times. Portugal shows up as the biggest per capita wine consumers in several researches like the American Association of Wine Economists or the World of Wine report. But it is not only quantity that matters. What has been exciting the most famous wine critics in the world is the uniqueness of the Portuguese native varietals, most of which you can not find anywhere else in the world, and the excellent quality/price ratio that you can still find here.