Romantic Port tasting for your soul mate

Romantic Port tasting for your soul mate

Discover our romantic Port tasting. This deluxe program will surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend in a big way. We have prepared everything for the most memorable experience: aged Port, amazing tapas and, of course, chocolate, all in a unique setting.

16th century cistern at the Lisbon Winery

We chose our unique cistern for this special occasion. It is a 16th century cistern, one of the few to survive to the big Lisbon earthquake and a municipal heritage. Perfect to celebrate love.

Romantic port tasting

We dim the lights and create the perfect atmosphere. At the table, creamy cheeses, delicious chorizo, top quality Pata Negra. All gourmet products, really small production, the best that is done in Portugal. And, of course, the most romantic wine in the world: Port.

We have a great collection of Ports at the Lisbon Winery. This tasting offers you the best of our collection. 5 Port wines, top quality, small production, amazing complexity, aged Ports, a gift of older generations that have kept the Port in the barrels for years and years. For you to taste. With a Port expert that will explain each of them and tell you a bit about the history of this amazing wine.

To finish a big surprise: we will open a Vintage Port with the old ritual of fire. A ritual that is more than 200 years old and is rarely seen even in Portugal. We will do it just for you.

Some of the food and wine of the Romantic Lisbon Deluxe Port Tasting

What is included in the Romantic Lisbon Deluxe Port Tasting?

  • 5 of the best Port wines we have at the Lisbon Winery by the glass
  • Vintage Port (one of the 5 Ports) opened with the old ritual of fire
  • 6 types of Portuguese artisanal cheeses
  • 6 types of gourmet black pork sausages
  • long cure Pata Negra ham
  • some other surprises

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