What to eat with Port wine?

What to eat with Port wine?

Ah, Port! Much more than a wine, it is one of Portugal’s crown jewels and one of the best flavors in the world. At Lisbon Winery, more than liking Port, we are passionate by Port. And we love to show it in our Port Tastings. And because we not only serve Port, but also pair it with many different types of food, one frequent question that our guests have is: what to eat with Port wine? Let us show you what we think about it.

For starters

Nuts are a good option as a snack to go with Port.

One of the most traditional ways to have a Port is definitively as an apéritif. Some good options are the tawnys, the rubys or our personal favorites: the whites. White Port is not as well known as its red counterparts, but is worth the discovery. With its golden color, it can vary from extra-dry to fully sweet, and you just have to find what sugar level suits you more. All kinds of nuts, alongside seasoned olives, go very well with a glass of a younger white Port before a meal.

If you like reds better, try a Vintage Port with some walnuts, dried apricots or dried figs. And an aged Tawny goes very well with fois-gras.

Cheesy business

Port and cheese: a classic.

Port and cheese: a classic combination. And, because Portugal is home to some of the most fantastic cheeses in the World, it’s not hard to find good options. However, Port wine goes well with lots of international types of cheese. Here are some of our favorite pairings.

  • White Port – Portuguese cow, sheep or goat milk cured cheeses. International cheeses like Manchego, Pecorino or Parmesan.
  • Ruby Port – Portugueses cheeses like Rabaçal or Évora. International cheeses like Gorgonzola or Parmesan.
  • Reserva, Colheita and LBV Port – Portuguese cheeses like Queijo de São Jorge and Queijo de Azeitão. International cheeses like Pont L’Evêque, Brie or Cheddar,
  • Tawny Port – Portuguese cheeses like Queijo da Serra or Queijo de Seia. International cheeses like Comté or Pecorino.
  • Vintage Port – Portuguese cheeses like Queijo da Serra, Queijo de Azeitão, Queijo de Serpa e Queijo de Nisa. International blue cheeses like Danish Blu, Gorgonzola, Cabrales, Stilton or Roquefort.

Hearty and meaty

There are ports that pair well with game dishes.

Port with meat options? Absolutely. Because there are different types of Port, different stagings styles and different ways of bottle up, you can always find a great option to go with your food.

A good start is to pair Port with charcuterie. some experts say that you can’t go wrong with a Single Harvest or, in Portuguese, “Colheita”. As the name says, this type of Port emerges from one single, exeptional, year ans stages at least seven years in the barrel. That alone makes it a Tawny. However, the staging can be much longer and during that time, the Port keeps evolving and changing its caracteristics.

Game dishes can also be paired with Port. In this case, find yourself a good Ruby. The name of this kind of Port comes from its color, that resembles the precious stone. It only stages a few years in the barrel and then it is bottled. Its young “blood”, full body and fruity aromas pairs well with the richness of meat. And, besides game, it goes well with lamb, beef or pork.

By the way, you can also use Port while cooking meat. Some good examples are beef stews and several roasts – ham, duck, goose, venison or partridge. And dont’t forget the sauces!

Ocean delights

Smoked fish pairs well with a young, white Port.

Yes, it is possible to pair Port with fish and seafood, and we love to show some uncommon combinations. For instance, you can have some smoked salmon, haddock or trout with a good young white Port. Or choose a Tawny to go with fish dishes that have sweet and sour, spice or creamy sauces. For example: chinese or thai food.

Sweet cravings

Chocolate was made to go with Port.

And, finally, a match made in wine Heaven: Port Wine, sweets and desserts. Again, Portuguese cuisine is our first choice, when we think about pairings and combinations. However, there are hundred of other great ways to indulge, at the same time, your sweet tooth and your love of Port.

  • White Port – Fresh fruit. Vanilla ice cream. Angel cake with strawberries. Lemon Merengue. Peaches in cream. White chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Tawny and Colheita Port – Portuguese desserts like Leite Creme, Arroz Doce, Farófias, Doces de Ovos, Aletria. Almond and nut based desserts and cakes. Buttery cookies and biscuits.Flan puddings. Dark chocolate bars and desserts.
  • Ruby or LBV Port – Red fruits and berries. Sour cherry pie. Chocolate ganache truffles. Dark chocolate bars and desserts. Chocolate cake. Chocolate lava cake.
  • Vintage Port – Dark chocolate bars and desserts. Walnut and fig pie. Tatin Pie, apple pie or Strudel pie.